Radar Arches & Towers

Various Sizes and Options:

RA6     A simple 6' tall pole with a fixed plate for mounting radar only.  $595.00 USD
RA8     A simple 8' tall pole with a fixed plate for mounting radar only.  Please call for pricing.
RA10   Radar tower 10' overall, with radome mount 8' above the base mount.  $795.00 USD
RA10/MD  This is a 10' motor hoist addition to any one of Ocean Marine's towers.  $495.00 USD
RA300   Auto-leveling 3" dia. Radar Tower 10 feet.  $1495.00 USD

Wind Generator Poles & Flagstaff

Only the finest stainless steel is used in the construction of our generator mounts.

WG08  Wind generator pole $595.00 USD
FG36  36" rail mounted flag staff with quick release flagstaff.  Please call for pricing.

KH-35 Security Rail "Kidney Hoop" Mast System

The traditional name for mast security rails. Ocean Marine has added a new twist: stainless steel belaying pins on a step rail! 

$399 USD

  • Manufactured from the best quality heavy gauge stainless tubing. 

  • Precision welded using state-of-the-art welding process. 

  • Small footprint for an easy fit on any yacht's foredeck.

  • Straight-forward installation. 

  • Fully polished and ready to install.

  • sold in pairs only


TB-20 Trolling Bracket for Power Boats

Our trolling bracket is a removable bracket specifically designed for mounting on integral swim platforms, swim grids, or other horizontal surfaces to provide mounting capability for an auxiliary motor for trolling or safety purposes.

  • TB20 Standard Duty up to 75 lb motor $395.00 USD

  • TB20H Heavy Duty up to 120 lb motor $425.00 USD

Feathering Propeller

J-Prop Adjustable Pitch Propeller for Sailboats

Please call or email for price

J PROP is the ideal propeller for cruising sailboats. It is strong, efficient and easy to install and adjust. Blades feather for minimum drag under sail and 180° rotation of blades offers superior performance in reverse.

MB-100/125 Motor Bracket

The most elegant and functional bracket design on the market. A mounting system for any yacht with 9" of straight rail!

  • Exclusive low profile design. 

  • All stainless and DELRIN® parts - no corrosion. 

  • Accomodates rail structures up to 16.5" between top and bottom rail. 

  • Easy 20 minute installation on any straight stern rail.


MB100: fits rails of 1" diameter.  $225.00 USD
MB125: fits rails of 1-1/4" diameter. $250.00 USD

Overboard Rescue

Winner of Sail Magazine FREEMAN K. PITTMAN AWARD 2004

$995 USD Sailboat Configuration. Please call for pricing on Motor Yacht configuration.

  • Technologically advanced boarding net constructed of Mil Spec webbing and extremely heavy stitching. 

  • Each “rung” of the ladder has a length of stainless rod sewn inside that ensures that the unit will sink at a greater rate than the yacht can roll. 

  • Every third rung is a foam-covered bearing: easy on the yacht’s hull and easy on the victim. 

  • The yacht is hove to with the B.O.B. Sling on the lee rail. Simply tack around and heave to on the appropriate tack. Drift down on the victim. Mid-ships hove to is the safest location, free of rough water, propellers, rudders and gear. 


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$495 USD

$695 USD