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Overboard Rescue

This system is a technologically advanced boarding net constructed of Mil Spec webbing and extremely heavy stitching. 
Each “rung” of the ladder has a length of stainless rod sewn inside that ensures that the unit will sink at a greater rate than the yacht can roll. 
Every third rung is a foam-covered bearing: easy on the yacht’s hull and easy on the victim.


  • Attaches to toe rail, cap rail or dedicated pad eyes 

  • Stays in place while voyaging 

  • Deploys in under 10 seconds 

  • Recovery using existing halyard winches 

  • Victim is recovered easily and safely even if unconscious 

  • Minimum operating energy required 


The yacht is hove to with the B.O.B. Sling on the lee rail. Simply tack around and heave to on the appropriate tack. Drift down on the victim. Mid-ships hove to is the safest location, free of rough water, propellers, rudders and gear.

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