The Order Guide below is a tool that will enable you to determine the approximate cost for a davit system for your sailboat or power yacht.

Select the items you require, then submit to us for review and we will work with you to find the best custom solution for your vessel and provide final pricing and shipping estimations.  Please visit our FAQ's page for answers to frequently asked questions. *All prices in USD*

Rail Mounts for Sailboats: Standard Duty (SD) and Heavy Duty (HSD) davit systems include davits, standard base mounts (BM1), standard rail mounts for 1” rail, locking strut kits (LS1 or 2) for both davits, spliced 3/8” yacht braid 4:1 tackles (8’ lift) and custom made dinghy slings/bridles. Choose from five colors:  Crimson Red, Hunter Green, Navy Blue, Black, and White. 

Note:  In order to be the best of service, please answer these three items and input at bottom of form in Special Instructions.  

  • Year, make and model of your yacht.

  • Weight of the dinghy that you have.

  • Weight of motor to carry on dinghy.